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EnviroProbe personnel have developed the plans, permits, and performed injection of various remediation compounds targeting chlorinated organics and halogenated hydrocarbons in the soil and groundwater. Our experience in both the development of the plans and the actual installation and performance of the injections in various geologic conditions allows for advanced preparation and understanding of issues that inevitably arise during injection projects.

  • Track Mounted Geoprobe Rigs
  • LUST sites
  • VRRA/UECA/Brownfield sites
  • Plan design and preparation
  • Radius of influence and spacing determination
  • Pressure/controlled injection
  • ORC®, HRC®, RegenOX®
  • Re-usable injection points
  • Permanent injection points
  • Normal pressure injection (porous aquifers)
  • High pressure injection (non-porous soils and bedrock)
  • Mud/grout pumps, centrifugal pumps, piston pumps
  • Mixing hoppers and tubs
  • Water supply (i.e., tanks, frac tanks, etc.)
  • Operators are 40 Hour OSHA Trained
  • Respirator and SCBA Fit-For-Duty Operators