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At EnviroProbe, some of our core specialized services are environmental drilling, geotechnical drilling, and geothermal drilling. Our experienced drillers and operators provide direct-push, environmental, and geotechnical drilling services. EnviroProbe’s operating region varies depending on the scope of work, but typically includes West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, Indiana, and North Carolina. We operate four track-mounted Geoprobe rigs (Models 8150LS, 3230DT, 7720DT, and 7822DT), two track-mounted CME-45Cs, and two track-mounted Deidrich rigs (D-25D & D-50).

EnviroProbe guarantees competitive costs, quality workmanship, and no surprises. We have complete insurance coverage, including pollution liability. A summary of EnviroProbe’s equipment and the services our drillers can help you with follows:

  • Geoprobe® Model 3230DT Combination Rig
  • Geoprobe® Model 7720DT Track Rig
  • Tow CME-45Cs (Track-mounted)
  • Geotechnical and environmental drilling
  • 2.5” up to 8.25” hollow stem augers
  • Air hammer air-rotary rock drilling
  • Roller bit air/mud rotary rock drilling
  • Rock coring (wire-line & conventional)
  • Split spoon sampling
  • Shelby tube sampling
  • Water Wells
  • Geothermal Loops
  • Geoprobe 7822DT Track Rig
  • Geoprobe 8150LS Track Rig
  • Monitoring and remediation wells
  • Monitoring well development, purging, and sampling
  • Monitoring well abandonment
  • Inclinometers
  • Dozers for site preparation/reclamation
  • Indoor drilling
  • Certified well drillers
  • LUST, Brownfield, and Hazardous sites
  • Superfund sites
  • Operators are 40-hour OSHAHAZWOPER trained
  • Respirator and SCBA fit-for-duty