EnviroProbe has grown into a dependable and flexible geo-environmental firm. If you have a drilling, engineering, permitting, construction or environmental need, EnviroProbe will strive to exceed your expectations, provide an economic solution, and meet your project schedule.

Our Leadership

Company History

Our staff has decades of cumulative experience in geo-environmental projects. Rod and Ronda Moore founded EnviroProbe in 2006, and the company’s success is the result of experience and customer service. The EnviroProbe team has specific experience in both sides of the client/consultant/contractor relationship. Their backgrounds and experience give them a unique insight into client needs, which promotes quality and timely services and drives the team toward innovative and integrated solutions.

Our Team

EnviroProbe’s diverse staff includes engineers, environmental professionals, geologists, scientists, Licensed Remediation Specialists, certified well drillers (CWDs), Licensed Water Well Drillers, equipment operators, inspectors/field technicians, and laborers. Our staff values industry-leading safety practices, holding high standards for both employee and jobsite safety 24/7. Our drillers are certified, our specialists are licensed and all of our team members undergo strict protocols – ensuring safety is a number one priority at all times.

Locations We Serve

Although geographically our services are primarily performed in West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and Indiana, several of our clients have requested our services on projects in states outside of our normal service areas. These states include Tennessee, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. With EnviroProbe, geography will not limit our ability to serve you.