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EnviroProbe’s team of environmental professionals and scientists has performed Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III environmental site assessments (ESAs) and remediation at hundreds of sites.

The Voluntary Remediation and Redevelopment Act (VRRA) was enacted to encourage the voluntary cleanup of Brownfield sites, or those properties that are contaminated, or perceived to be contaminated, abandoned, and/or under utilized. The Voluntary Remediation and Redevelopment Rule (VRRR) is set out in WV Code of State Regulations, Title 60, Series 3 (60CSR3). The VRRA limits enforcement action by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) and limits the potential liability under environmental laws and rules for those parties who remediate sites according to the standards provided in the VRRR.

The VRRA encourages flexibility and does not assign a “one-size fits all” approach to remediation standards. Risk assessment techniques are used to evaluate potential and real risks to human and ecological receptors. The data obtained during the site assessment and development of the conceptual site model, in combination with state and federal guidance, are used to set unique remediation standards for a site based on the historical, current and future use of the site.

EnviroProbe personnel have been the Licensed Remediation Specialist, WVDEP Project Manager of record, or Project Manager for more than 15 Brownfield/Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP) sites in West Virginia. These multi-disciplinary projects involved environmental site assessment, risk assessment, remediation work plan preparation/design, remediation work plan implementation, and follow-up reporting and/or monitoring.

Our team will guide you or your clients through the various VRRA steps, including:

  • VRRA Application, VRRA Voluntary Remediation Agreement, and VRRA Public Notice
  • Conceptual Site Model, Site Assessment Work Plan, and Site Assessment Report Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Remediation Work Plan
  • Site Remediation and Remediation Completion Report
  • Residual Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment and Remediation Completion Report
  • VRRA Final Report including Institutional and/or Engineering Controls
  • WVDEP Certificate of Completion

The sites or types of sites where EnviroProbe personnel have managed the project and/or performed as the LRS include:

  1. Former Sludge Facility - Charleston Sanitary Board, Copenhaver Park – Charleston, WV
  2. Former Glass Plant Cullet Disposal Site - Proposed Wal-Mart – Glen Dale, WV
  3. Glass Plant - Blenko Glass – Milton, WV
  4. Former CSX and Coal Gasification Site - City of Parkersburg – Parkersburg, WV
  5. Former LUST Site - Former G-M Properties Site – Charleston, WV
  6. Former Fostoria Glass Site - WVDEP – Moundsville, WV
  7. Cremer Iron & Metal Site - Poor Charlie & Company, Inc. – Parkersburg, WV
  8. Marine Manufacturing Facility - Amherst Industries, Former Pt. Pleasant Marine (Parcel 1) – Pt. Pleasant, WV
  9. Marine Manufacturing Facility - Amherst Industries, Former Pt. Pleasant Marine (Parcel 2) – Pt. Pleasant, WV
  10. Former Wood Treatment Facility - Former Pack Lumber Site – Marmet, WV
  11. Former Oil Terminal and Coal Dock - Amherst Industries, Amherst Dock Facility – Chelyan, WV
  12. Riverside Scrap Yard - Poor Charlie & Company, Inc., – Glasgow, WV
  13. Former Chemical Landfill - WVDEP – PPG/Former Marshall Army Chemical Landfill – New Martinsville, WV
  14. Former Manufacturing Plant - WVDEP – Former WV Plastics (Baby World) – Grafton, WV
  15. Campbell’s Creek Scrap Yard - Poor Charlie & Company, Inc. – Charleston, WV
  16. Sattes Scrap Yard - Poor Charlie & Company, Inc. – Nitro, WV
  17. Former Zinc Smelter Facility - T.L. Diamond & Co. and E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co., – Spelter, WV
  18. Tanker Truck Spill Site - Meyer Darragh Buckler Bebenek & Eck, – West Hamlin, WV
  19. Metal Parts Coatings Facility - Desco, Inc. – Weirton, WV
  20. Vacant Lot – WV Central Credit Union – Vienna, WV